• 3D Printed Case

    We created a case for the TD-XPAH that any 3D printer can create. The case protects the device and includes a place to mount the antenna included with every TD-XPAH we sell. You can find it on Thingiverse.

    TD-XPAH 3D Printed Case 
  • Open Source

    Whether paired with a Linux system and run as a USB Wi-Fi dongle or configured as a standalone device to boot off a local operating system in flash storage, the TD-XPAH is open source. All drivers and source files can be found in our github repositories.

  • Open Hardware

    The TD-XPAH daughterboard bus has 40 hardware pins configured so anyone can easily create hardware extensions. Our open hardware Kicad template makes it as easy as placing parts and configurating the PCB traces to add new hardware capabilities to the TD-XPAH.